The Fire Hazards Early Response System (SWR) is an industrial automation system used to collect comprehensive fire protection information.

The system is used for continuous monitoring of devices, the status of which may have an impact on the fire safety of the protected facility or plant.

Built-in diagnostic tools allow one to quickly and accurately locate faults and check the operating status of the monitored devices. The system has a function of personal confirmation of information about all damages and irregularities. It can be used to monitor the course of failures, incidents, determine their causes, effects and to assess the course of extinguishing activities.

The use of the SWR system significantly reduces the risk of longer failure of the fire protection system. The built-in training simulator can be used to simulate a fire alarm or fire action, which minimizes the risk of erroneous reactions when faced with a real threat. The system can be equipped with a remote access module. It is scalable, adaptable to the configuration and size of planned or existing fire protection systems.

Nefryt SWR system has been launched at OLPP and PKN Orlen oil depots.

Number of days of System fire safety supervision over oil depots