The Onyks TOS system supports the operation of a railway handling terminal.

It supports the processes of providing cargo handling services, the movement of cars and goods within the terminal, supports storage yards, warehouses and performs cost calculation. The system supports the handling and storage of containers, bulk, packaged or uniquely identifiable goods.

The implementation of the system organizes and improves the work of the cargo handling terminal by ensuring the flow of data between individual units of the cargo handling terminal. It dramatically reduces the number of data entered and increases their reliability. The system reduces the risk of human error and reduces costs.

The Onyks TOS system collects information necessary to determine parameters such as daily and long-term turnover by customers and contracts. The system settles: employee costs (full-time employees, temporary employees, subcontractors), costs of materials, costs of equipment wear and tear. The information is available on-line, for the purpose of an on-going decision making or in the form of statistics on the basis of aggregated data.

Due to the fact that the system must be accessible to production workers, Onyks TOS uses web technologies adapted to tablets or mobile devices installed in machines (excavators, overhead cranes, etc.)

The Onyks TOS system for managing a cargo handling terminal has been implemented in PKP Cargo, a company managing four terminals, handling containers, bulk goods and goods in pieces (pallets, cars, etc.). In the case of large facilities, such as cargo handling terminals, we build a wireless-based communication infrastructure covering an area of several kilometers in diameter.


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