The system is dedicated especially for warehouses of high value goods (e.g. fuels) and hazardous materials (e.g. chemicals, explosives).

Warehouse operation requires precise metering. Manual operation is associated with high data lability, which increases the risk of omitting or deliberately hiding the correct values.

The system integrating warehouse management with measurement systems and automation gives tighter control over the distribution process – significant savings.

Automated monitoring process increases the security of distribution processes and allows to avoid high costs – accidents, polluting the environment.

The management system provides detailed information on distribution efficiency, size and variability of warehouse stock – precise planning and continuity of work.

In combination with data from ERP systems, Onyks allows to assess the costs and efficiency of the services provided, divided into: plants, employees, customers;

For remote management and data access, Onyks can be equipped with a WebOnyks module.

Onyks System is based on a modular structure. The modules retain a high degree of autonomy allowing for a high degree of implementation flexibility. Only the necessary modules for a given location are implemented.

liquid fuel storage facilities, civil and military air bases, sulfuric acid warehouse.

licencje oprogramowania, indywidualizacja, implementacja systemu automatyki, obsługa metrologiczna (w tym legalizacja).

In the area of liquid, volatile and dry bulk products, even those that escape typical warehouse systems, the Onyks System implements:

  • warehouse management, warehouse forwarding processes, metrological operation;
  • integrates automation, measurement systems and master IT systems;

Automation, metrology and warehouse records:

  • Handling of receipts (based on tank measurements or weighing)
  • Handling of internal processes: shifts, dehydration, samples, recovery
  • Handling of issues (based on weighing, counters, tank measurements)
  • Handling of returns to a tax warehouse
  • Warehouse inventory management: daily fuel balance, delivery planning, planning of issues
  • Excise duty records for a tax warehouse, including data exchange with the EMCS system
  • Warehouse supervision: tank measurements, stocktaking, inventory corrections
  • Visualization and control of the process plant

Additional integrations:

  • Measuring systems
  • Facility automation systems
  • ERP systems (SAP Oil&Gas)
  • Airport distribution systems
  • EMCS Excise systems

Fuel Distribution Management and Supervision System for aircraft

of refueled aircraft in 2018.