The Onyks Sidings system supports the work of railway sidings operators.

Implementation of the system organizes and improves the work of the railway siding by eliminating unnecessary activities. Covering key processes with the system ensures data integrity and saves time when entering data. The system reduces the risk and cost of human error. At any time, the persons responsible for the proper operation of the siding can obtain information about the current number of cars (grouped according to types, owners, destination stations, etc.). They can obtain information on the current status of the tasks and the resources allocated for their implementation.

Railway sidings are facilities of various sizes – from single tracks serving several cars a day, to huge objects covering several dozen tracks, constituting a complex structure and serving several hundred cars a day. The Onyks Sidings system has been designed to be as scalable as possible. The economic implementation is carried out in the cloud, which eliminates the initial costs.
Implementation for the most demanding operators includes – implementation on dedicated equipment and integration with the operator’s IT systems (e.g. ERP, carrier systems, automation, car number detection systems).


  • keeping registers of cars, stock of trains, history of stays;
  • issuing documents (transfer notes, maneuvering orders, etc.)
  • support of work scheduling.

Agat IT has implemented systems supporting the operation of sidings as part of wider tasks for fuels and chemicals producers and logistics operators.

The system supporting the work of sidings has been implemented in PKP Cargo as part of the support system for the handling terminal.


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